The Blackfoot Gypsies At The Double Door Inn

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The Blackfoot Gypsies
The Double Door Inn
Wednesday February 29, 2012
Doors 8:00 PM / Music 9:00 PM

Tickets:  $7.00 Advance & DOS

Tickets can be purchased in advance online
at The Double Door Inn
Blackfoot Gypsies

The Blackfoot Gypsies is the bombastic melding of Matthew Paige, singer and guitar player, and Zack Murphy, tenured drummer from Nashville, TN. With the attitude and swagger of vintage country and rock lore from the past, the Blackfoot Gypsies is paving their path as one of America’s next contributors to the legacy of rock and roll! The authentic trans-western vibe has been masterfully crafted in the traditional roots of American music. We can hear the influences of Bob Dylan’s ragged vocals, Robert Johnson’s slide and blues soul, and Willie Nelson’s stories. Tough yet occasionally tender, the Keith Richards-inspired riffs and thunderous rhythms of Led Zeppelin are contrasted by Gram Parson’s angelic sense of country music.

The music crosses all boundaries creating fans of all ages and backgrounds. The Blackfoot Gypsies create timeless American music that feeds the American soul.  

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