The Belmont Playboys At The Double Door Inn

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The Belmont Playboys
With The Aqualads & Phatlynx
The Double Door Inn
Saturday November 24, 2012
Doors 9:00 PM / Music 10:00 PM

Tickets:  $7.00 Advance & DOS

Tickets can be purchased in advance at CD Warehouse (King's Drive), Manifest Discs, Sunshine
Daydreams (NoDa), online at The Double Door InnCarolinaTix, PayPal or Music Today and by phone at 1.800.594.TIXX or
Belmont Playboys

Launched in 1989 -- no, really -- the Playboys are still kicking ass and taking names. They've played with just about everybody you could think of and at least two you would never have imagined. They've done six CD's and the latest one is their best yet -- which, I'm not sure what that means. They've toured everywhere, and don't care if it's a tiny bar or a fifteen-hundred seat hall. They are true to absolutely nothing but what they do, which ain't like what anybody else does. It ain't nostalgia, it ain't high art, it ain't pretentious, it ain't so groundbreaking as to be outside the bounds of anything you ever heard. It's rock and roll: plain, simple, neat, sweet, raucous, rowdy, fun, bouncy, lighthearted, and loud. If you ain't grinning by the end of the third song, you're missing the point. Either that, or they owe you money.


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The Aqualads got together in 1997 under their original moniker of the Big Swinging Hammers while playing out their set of ’60s surf rock instrumentals throughout their native of Charlotte, NC. With a live set that partially consists of covers and their backing go-go dancers the Aquanettes, the bands first official release was a 1998 Christmas 7? aptly titled Aqualads XMAS. After a slight lineup change that left guitarist Jimmy King as the only original Aqualads member, the rest of the quartet consisted of Greg Walsh (guitar), Colin LaRocque(drums), and Jeremy DeHart (bass). Soon after this settled lineup was complete, the band eventually released their debut album, entitled Hotbox, in 1999. Their second album, Revenge, quickly followed the next year.


The Aqualads

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The Raleigh-Durham area's favorite pork obsessed Surfabilly band, Phatlynx (pronounced "FAT-links") was conceived as a one-off show/group to get as many people as we could fit into Chapel Hill, NC's the Cave to play the song "Rumble" at the same time. We did that, and had such a good time, we've kept going, playing more shows and adding more songs, some of which aren't by Link Wray but still have the same rockin', low-fi attitude.



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