YUNG CITIZEN *FREE Streaming on Mandolin & Facebook* – Tickets – Neighborhood Theatre – Charlotte, NC – November 12th, 2020

YUNG CITIZEN *FREE Streaming on Mandolin & Facebook*
Queen City Streams

YUNG CITIZEN *FREE Streaming on Mandolin & Facebook*

Neighborhood Theatre
Hip Hop / R&B / Pop

Queen City Streams Series - Free Live Stream Performance Powered by Mandolin

This event will stream on Mandolin and Facebook for free. You can donate here on Eventbrite or during the event. Your donation helps the artists and Neighborhood Theatre.


Get to know and Follow Christopher “YUNG Citizen” Williams, Charlotte (NC) native, and Indie artist and music producer. With an unmistakably different and unique music sound, YUNG blends his own unique interpretations of Hip Hop, R&B/Pop genres to create timeless masterpieces that will penetrate your inner soul. The music captivates and lures you in with YUNG’s smooth eargasmic melodies, crisp and perfectly placed snare/high hats with a compliment of bass sounds that drive and sustains the creations heartbeat.

Always carefully residing on top of these incredible creations is YUNG Citizen’s trademark sounding the alarm, raising your awareness and call to action for world issues such as social injustice, racial discrimination, income inequality and poverty just to mention a few. On a more positive tip, YUNG’s lyrical prowess will always find him behind his mandate of inspiring and motivating his audience/fan base to aspire to heights that know no limits, and to never, ever stop chasing their dreams. Music is the creative platform that Citizen has chosen to express his views.

Some of YUNG Citizen’s musical influences include Michael Jackson, BAS, J Cole, Thundercat, Pharrell Williams, to name a few. Founder of his own media company, Citizenship Music Group, YC’s ultimate goal is to create music that inspires and motivates the world to follow their dreams.

Mid-August began a five (5) mini-project release (two tracks per) titled “FORMULA”, culminating in an LP late in the year comprised of all five mini projects and 3-4 additional bonus tracks. The over-arching message behind the project is describing YUNG’s journey to figuring out the formula, the pathway to success through the maze of confusion and rejection we know as the “Music Industry”. That is is one of the major motivators for YC, and the hashtag.

The first of a five titled ‘Formula I’ was released in mid-August with two new tracks, ‘Brownes Ferry’ and ‘Conversation With’. The video release for Brownes Ferry was premiered on LinkUpTV in the UK and featured on several other blog/magazine sites, including Opera News. The track has secured placement on several Spotify playlists. The video premiere for ‘Conversation With’ is scheduled for release in September.

YUNG will also be releasing ‘Formula II’ in September, with two new tracks titled ‘Brown Butter’ and ‘Beautiful Thing’. Look for the video premiere release for ‘Brown Butter’ in October.

Venue Information:
Neighborhood Theatre
511 E 36th Street
Charlotte, NC, 28205

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