X – Tickets – Neighborhood Theatre – Charlotte, NC – September 5th, 2018


Neighborhood Theatre & MaxxMusic present


The Roman Spring

Wed 9/5

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Neighborhood Theatre

$3 Under 21 Surcharge at Door (Valid ID required for entry into venue. Under 18 permitted with parent.)

Accepted forms of ID: State Issued ID or Driver's License, Military ID, Passport.

Three decades after the inception of X, one thing is clear: X was not only one of the most influential bands to crash out of the punk movement of the late '70s, but the band's music continues to be sonically groundbreaking today. Songs written during the group's inception are as relevant and inventive today as they were in 1977.

The fact is, no one sounds like X and no one ever will.

It's not surprising when you consider the group's unique beginnings, which can only be attributed to fate. On the same day with nearly the exact same wording, two want-ads appear in a local music rag. One was sent in by a guitarist named Billy Zoom, the other by bassist who called himself John Doe.

Zoom, a rockabilly rebel who'd performed with Gene Vincent, had read a negative review of a band called the Ramones. It said they only played three chords and they played 'em too fast. So naturally, he went to see them. The show was at the Golden West Ballroom in the L.A. suburb of Norwalk in early '77, and as soon as the Ramones started to perform, Zoom realized that, musically, he'd found exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

Doe, who was originally from the Baltimore area, was already down with the East Coast CBGB's scene and by the time the two got in the same room together after responding to each other's ads, it seemed it was meant to be. They performed a few shows with various drummers before a poet with no ambition of being a singer would enter the picture.

Doe found her in Venice Beach, at a poetry reading. He liked her poems so much he offered to perform them in his band. The poet, Exene Cervenka, had just moved to town from Florida and she told him, no offense, but if anyone was gonna perform her poems, it would be her, and she soon ended up in the band. Zoom was skeptical about someone's girlfriend being in the band. After they did their first show with Exene, he didn't know exactly what it was she had, but he knew it was magic.

After a succession of drummers, Doe was at the underground punk club the Masque in Hollywood one night, checking out a band called the Eyes, which featured a pre-Go-Go's bass player named Charlotte Caffey. He called Zoom immediately and said he'd found their drummer. Doe told him he played with a parade snare and hit it hard as a hammer. Zoom told him to promise him anything. His name was D.J. Bonebrake and he quickly signed on. The band was now complete, and X would soon emerge from the young punk scene as one of its most successful offspring.

The band's early albums, Los Angeles (1980), produced by Ray Manzarek of the Doors, Wild Gift (1981), and Under the Big Black Sun (1982) explored dark love and an even darker L.A. with the unflinching eye of a Raymond Chandler novel. Doe and Cervenka would marry and later divorce, but they'd always remain soulmates. As they released each ensuing album, More Fun in theNew World(1983) and Ain't Love Grand (1985), the band continued to grow sonically and politically, fearlessly mixing genres without ever losing its center. As each member went on to explore diverse careers—careers that included acting, art, writing, producing and multiple side projects."
The Roman Spring
The Roman Spring
The Roman Spring is a Triangle, NC - based five piece, concocting dreamy, Americana tinged pop: think Band of Horses meets R.E.M., with a dash of Ryan Adams.After the demise of his rock outfit Colourslide, singer/songwriter Alex Lawhon decided to start a new band using some of the area’s best musicians:“I envisioned The Roman Spring to be much more than a solo project,” states Lawhon, “ I wanted it to be a band, but with an open door policy … I’m very lucky to have friends who just happen to be some of the most talented people in the world, and I invited them all to contribute when they could.”A great idea, but after several changes in lineup, it became apparent that The Roman Spring needed to evolve into something more sustainable.“I said to myself, if I could have anyone that I wanted to play in a band with, who would it be?” Alex put the call out to the first four names that came to mind. “Every single one said yes! Unbelievable!” and so entered Rob Clay (Cravin Melon, The Veldt, Parklife), Scott Carle (Dillon Fence, Collapsis, Lost in the Trees), Sam Clowney (Parklife, The Veldt) and Chad Barger (Cravin Melon, Roger Gupton) into The Roman Spring as it stands today. Their combined experience is quite staggering when you consider that one or another of them has either toured or shared a stage with such notable acts as Wilco, John Mayer, Weezer, Lemonheads, Third Eye Blind, Pavement, The Black Crowes, Maroon 5, Gavin Degraw and Jet , while Alex’s songs have achieved substantial radio airplay, as well as having landed several national television spots on ESPN, MTV, ABC Family, E!, and OXYGEN.“I’ve been a huge fan of all these guys both personally and musically for as long as I can remember,” Alex enthuses. “Playing with all of them is more than wonderful, and Rob is a fantastic songwriter in his own right, so the amount of material that we’ve assembled in such a sort time is amazing.The momentum the band is currently enjoying has taken them all by surprise: The five are all veterans of the NC scene, but far from viewing this as just another gig, they’ve all jumped into the project head-first, each with a fresh and immediate perspective driven by the rare musical chemistry they share and the strength of the new material. As likely to appeal to indie audiences as much as they would to fans of country music, blues or rock, The Roman Spring has plenty of crossover appeal while retaining the integrity that comes with the delivery of a truly good song.

The band is currently in the studio with friend and producer Ryan Pickett (My Morning Jacket, Tift Merritt) mixing their debut release.
Venue Information:
Neighborhood Theatre
511 East 36th Street
Charlotte, NC, 28205

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